Article Directory, Anyone?

Yes, it’s the hype of the century; everywhere you turn you’ll see and hear of article directories sprouting like mushrooms. There’s practically a new article directory site being introduced in the World Wide Web almost every second.

It is probably because of the usefulness of these kinds of sites to the general public, to the webmaster and to people/products needing exposure. An article directory has it all!

Talk about having free resource on almost any topic imaginable. Article directories hoard articles ranging from DIY’s, Xbox launches, inspirational quotes, love and relationships advice, beauty tips, iPod’s latest, personality quizzes, legal guidance, resource on divorce, gay and lesbian concerns and even on the extremes, issues concerning terrorism. It’s like having a wiki of what everyone knows and thinks of.

The usefulness of article directories to the general public is outdone by its worth to a marketer. An article directory is a free and an inexpensive way for an internet marketer to promote his/her product or service by just writing helpful and useful articles and making use of the resource box to promote his/her goods. It can be done by any marketer in just a matter of hours or minutes for some. You don’t have to be a whiz at writing, all you have to do is share what you know and that’ll be effective enough. A word of caution though, don’t waste your time writing Press Releases because your chance of reprint is 0-0.1%. Article directories don’t like them and worst, readers of articles hate them.

What about the value of article directories to the people who own them, a.k.a the webmasters? Why are webmasters opting to shift from their usual projects to create an article directory? Simple! Article directories exemplify the best kind of website that Search Engines love the most. Article directories are teeming with fresh content everyday, and they are constantly updated. Not to mention, the keywords crammed into each article are simply divine especially when you are affiliated with Google Adsense. There is no other kind of website that can par with having an article directory.

I have seen and watched the ever increasing popularity of article directories; there was a time when there were just about 20 or 30 article directories found on the internet. Before, only a few took the time to diligently pursue the creation of these directories and only a few were brave enough to pay for hosting and domain services just to become repositories of what people have written about. They were among the first to recognize the benefits and advantages of having an article directory.

Among the first article directories were:

By now, most likely, they are handling hundreds or thousands of articles submitted everyday and reaping the rewards of being the firsts in the most promising field of article directories.

With all these and probably more, I’ll say, “Article Directories, anyone?”

Smart Marketing – Submit Your Articles To Article Directories

There are a lot of benefits of submitting your own articles to article directories but before we go into the benefits, what actually are article directories?

Article directories are simply database websites that collect, compile, sort the articles to their own categories and make these articles available to the public. The public can then read these articles for free or reprint them based on certain guidelines.

There is countless number of article directories nowadays. Most of them are offering free membership to authors to submit their quality articles.

In short, this should be good news to webmasters too, who are looking for content to share with their mailing lists, as these article directories provide a great one-stop resource to deposit and find articles.

Now, if you are an author, you shouldn’t just write articles and keep them to yourself if you want to get tons of readers to read them.

You want to get your articles distributed across the net. One great way to do it is by submitting your articles to various article directories.

Let’s see why you should submit your articles to these article directories:

1. You will establish yourself as an expert in your area.

For example, if you are a doctor specializing in cancer treatment, you could write 500-word articles about mesothelioma or breast cancer and how to prevent them. The more you write, the more exposure you’ll get and people will look at you as a knowledgeable person in your area.

Some article directories list top contributing authors and when people see your name among the top, indirectly and subconsciously, they’ll have a perception that you know what you talk about.

2. You don’t have to pay for advertising anymore.

Web publishers and ezine owners are hungry for fresh, quality contents. Simply give them what they want.

Where do these publishers look for articles? Many will find them from article directories.

If you write good articles, these publishers will be more than happy to forward your articles to their mailing lists. With a single article blast, you could potentially reach tens or hundreds of thousands of readers for free.

Article directory owners, at the same time, are also actively marketing their article directories. This means your articles go along with their marketing campaign as well.

3. Your articles can be your viral marketing tools.

There are article directory owners who partner with other webmasters to distribute articles to many other websites. You submit one article to a directory and that same article appears on many other websites at the same time. This technology is called RSS (Really Simple Syndication). If you didn’t know yet, the power of RSS is simply amazing. Big websites will potentially pick up and post your articles on their sites.

Some webmasters will pick up your articles and forward them to others, who forward them to others again. Soon, you’ll discover your same article has been published on hundreds of websites within days. It’s that possible.

4. You can generate massive traffic to your website.

Search Engines love article directories due to their contents and, often, established directories receive massive hits from Google and Yahoo. You could piggyback the traffic received by these directories by depositing your articles on their databases. Those who visit these article directory websites will potentially read your submitted articles.

Just make sure you have a website to promote and you’ve already placed a link back to your website in your signature file at the end of all your articles.

5. You can generate sales even if you don’t have a website.

If you are an expert in your area, people will read your articles and listen to you. Now, if you refer your readers to any product you recommend, your recommendation won’t look like a sales pitch to them anymore. It simply is a solution to their problems, but be very careful with the way you recommend products in your articles. Most article directory owners don’t like blatant advertisements in the articles.

Here’s the best part. If you don’t have a website, guess what? The article directories will be your websites. Your articles will be hosted on these article directory webservers for free.

To get website visitors to contact you, leave your phone number, email address or any special instructions to contact you in your signature file.

To sum up, the 5 reasons above are a few good ideas on why you should submit your articles to various article directories. You will discover more benefits once you get involved in article submission actively.

How to Choose Article Directories to Increase Sales in the Long Run

Goal of Article Directories

The one reason that causes the recent uprise of article directories is that many
of these directories derive their income from ad revenues. Ad revenues usually come
in three forms. CPM ads, CPC ads and affiliate ads.

CPM ads pay the publisher on a per thousand basis.
In other words, for every 1,000 ads shown, the publisher gets $X. For CPC ads, a
web visitor would have to click on the ad itself before the publisher sees any money.
Affiliate ads are performance based and pay the publisher only when a sale is made.
There are different advantages for each type of ad but as it is not the goal of this
article to discuss about ads, let’s just say that the goal of these article directories
is to maximize ad revenues with a combination of various ad formats.

What is Fueling the Growth of These Directories?

Articles are being circulated among these directories for free with the promise that
their credentials and links remain intact. A quality article that sees itself being
re-published in hundreds of websites means that in a short period of time, a website will get
hundreds of backlinks.

Backlinks are believed to strengthen the position of a website in search engine rankings.
They are also believed to be good for a website’s page rank. A website with a high page rank
tends to become more popular with time as it lends credibility to the website.

However, a visit among several popular webmaster forums reveal that there have been recent mumblings among website owners,
which hinted that article submissions do not work as well anymore as they are usually added to a page rank zero page
and do nothing to boost the page rank of a website.

Despite this finding, website owners, driven by the vision of obtaining higher search engine rankings,
continue the rush to submit their articles to directories. Before we join in the rush, let’s consider
this question.

How should writers go about choosing article directories?

We spoke to a few writers from our own content hub at and
asked them how they go about choosing article directories.

Lea Frydman, Content Manager for, replied that exposure is
what a writer wants and needs. When asked what type of writers would he like to see
within the directory community, he said, “Anyone that is an expert in their field.”

Other writers like Sean Mike (owner of and Michael Cottier
(founder of agreed that the categorization of an article directory
is very important.

All three writers choose a human moderated article directory over an automated one. Automated
directories usually accepts articles without moderation and over time, the general quality of
the articles deteriorate. Even when it’s human moderated, the article should adhere to strict
submission quidelines and not accept articles that are written solely for advertising or search

Glenn Murray of mentioned in his recent article that we’ll see a decrease in the number of un-moderated
article submission sites because they won’t generate enough traff├»c to make AdSense profitable and
the spoils will be greater for the surviving article submission sites, so they’ll go to greater lengths
to ensure the high quality of their articles.

All in all,

1) There must be a diverse list of categories so that writers find it easy to submit articles.

2) Categories must be easily accessible.

3) Directories should be human moderated to ensure the quality of the articles over time.

4) Most importantly, the directories must be well promoted so that writers get the attention that they deserve!

Writers can then gauge the potential of a website by asking 4 simple questions.

1) How scalable are the categorizations?

2) Is the directory developed in-house? A directory developed in-house usually means that the
owner has more control and flexibility over the development and direction of the directory.

3) Are there adequate admin tools for the moderators of the article directory websites to communicate with the writers?

4) How are the directories being promoted?

In the long run, everyone benefits from a quality article directory.
When the reputation of these directories grow over time, articles submitted to these directories will lend
higher credibility to its writers, which will eventually increase sales.

Just How Article Directories Will Most Certainly Be Completely Different From Web Directories

This article aims to explain the differences between article directories and web directories and goes on to explain how you can get your pages listed on each.

A Long time ago, the net was just a fable. It’s not feasible within the human imagination to know that anybody around the globe is able to communicate with some other person with just the push of the mouse. Three or more people today cannot even communicate together on the mobile phone. Aided by the advent of the World Wide Web a new dimension appeared. The Net got its own beginning.

This vastness on the Net cannot be tested at all. Numerous sites surface on a daily basis, sometimes thanks to the Web’s power to turn into a cash cow. Thousands of people can be on-line each and every minute interacting with tips, looking for details along with contacting pals on the other side of the planet or perhaps playing video games with others they have never known. To make sure you stay abreast of the growing volume of sites and massive amounts of real information, web directories and article directories were created, in order to centralize questions.

Web-site Directories, just as the term indicates, are generally sites that supply an enormous variety of other sites. Managers and / or owners of freshly published sites head to web directories to list their specific website, to ensure online users can locate them. Web directories are certainly not search engines like yahoo. They never send back specific searches according to historically typed in search phrases, amazingly, instead classify the web pages by way of areas of expertise or maybe field interests for instance wellness, sporting activities, schooling, research, engineering and many others. Web owners must decide which classification their particular website actually suits. Despite the fact that sites give a massive amount of knowledge and expert services, web directories list the whole of the website into classes. Largely, a web directory is definitely the consequence of an editor’s activity.

Web directories offer up different methods to get displayed:

Free of charge submission – totally free or even things in turn; (the standard of these kinds of directories can be lousy)
Fee based submitting – a one-time or maybe recurrent rate is necessary; (a large number of company web directories impose a modest editorial assessment payment)
Reciprocal website link – in order to be permitted on the list, a web link returning to the web directory must be inserted somewhere in the posted internet site;
No follow – an online site might be displayed without payment however a URL will never be given by the web directory which means that online users will be required to key your web link when using an browser;
Affiliate links – web directories gain money any time an individual clicks on a web link;
Featured listing – a site is put at the top of the category containing it, no matter if alphabetized.

Article directories are unquestionably completely different from web directories. Such internet sites make it possible for creators and copy writers to upload their own posts for the considerably more common web search. They perform similar to search engines since the search phrases searched for match up with the actual headline from the document or possibly just about anything else from the article’s body. To have a far better sorted search, submissions are also grouped, although on this occasion by niche markets.

Creators of the posts, based upon how well written their submissions are, acquire global recognition for their hard work and so are gradually asked for opinion of different niche categories and are also sought after to publish articles or blog posts pertaining to them. With respect to search engine optimization (SEO) objectives it is advised, that content uploaded must wind up being approximately 400 – 800 words. Any significant keywords and phrases have to also be situated just about anywhere throughout your document and the thickness advised is without question 2-3%.

Article directories primarily just approve content provided:

You sign up and become a great article author;
All of the posts created will be looked over by these internet sites;
The posts satisfy a plagiarism application computer software that can verifies if the particular content or terms throughout your uploaded document have proven to be not duplicated from several other posts);
The article writer or publisher is without a doubt of appropriate age;
The needed amount of words together with search term thickness is achieved;
Back links are purely in the content author resource;

To conclude, the Net offers several marketing and advertising approaches but from my few years working experience, I know that all these marketing and advertising options that web owners utilize usually are not good enough. An outstanding business, a wonderful product as well as an outstanding provider stands apart, because it’s great not to mention regularly floods the top rated of any specific area of interest.

Imagine if you could work for less than an hour a day and still attract 10-20 new leads per day… or more. Imagine personally sponsoring 10-15 new team builders per month without annoying friends and family or wasting time cold calling tire-kickers and people not interested in your opportunity. Imagine finally using a proven attraction marketing system literally guaranteed to produce a result once you have it set up.

Why Should You Submit Free Articles to Article Directories?

Article directories have become some of the most popular types of websites in the world. A simple method to evaluate the popularity and authority of a website is to turn to Alexa or some other indexing service for traffic statistics and page rank. More often than not, you will find that article directories outrank very well-known websites and famous brands. So how can this be? And why is it important to submit articles to these directories?

In this posting we will discuss the benefits of article marketing and why it is so crucial to submit articles to article directories. First of all, let us explain what an article directory is and what it can do for your business. Think of these directories as large warehouses where millions of paper articles are stored on the shelves. This is exactly what online article directories are – only in digital form. It may come as a surprise that these “library” kind of websites may rank so high in the search engine results, however, it all has to do with the sheer volume of quality content that they can provide. Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing loves good content, and this is why article directories perform so well in rankings. This is also the reason why it is important to submit free articles to these directories.

One of the first mistakes many internet marketers will make is to skip the often tedious work of longterm marketing planning. Certainly it can be more rewarding and more fun to advertise your product or service in the short-term by bidding for keywords, or by purchasing direct website traffic. While this short-term approach probably will give your business a temporary boost in traffic and sales, it will not help your business to get sticky in the search engine results. As you probably already know, any online business looking to prevail and become successful, will eventually need the power of natural, organic traffic from search engines in order to expand.

Once you understand the importance of why you should submit articles to article directories, then you also hold the golden key to article marketing. However, it does not stop there, and again, many internet marketers will practice article marketing with a far too short perspective. A considerable number of potential article writers will submit an article or two, sit back, and wait for magical things to happen. Well, it simply does not work this way.

When an article is submitted and finally published in one of the prominent article directories, it needs to get indexed. What this means is that search engines preferably should pick it up and display it in their search results. While this process may feel like something that you have no control over whatsoever, it is something that is almost guaranteed to happen when the article is published in one of the larger directories.

The next crucial step in article marketing is syndication. Syndication simply means that your article is distributed to more places on the web other than the single publication in the article directory and the one search result. There are several ways that syndication may occur. Firstly, your article may be republished by a reader of the article directory in question. This is a great way to spread your content! If your article is on an interesting topic, or is exceptionally well-written, well, then chances are that many people will redistribute the article by placing it on their blogs or websites resulting in much greater exposure for your work.

Secondly, search engine results are truly organic. What I mean by this is that a search engine listing may grow and syndicate all by itself. Casual visitors may find your article while searching for a specific keyword, other search engines may pick up the same listing, and other websites may in fact find and link to your article. As you can see, there is a lot of potential for one single article submission. By repeating the process, and by submitting more articles to several article directories, you are well on your way towards a good article marketing strategy.

On a final note, and to avoid any confusion, it must be said that the whole process described above may take a considerable amount of time, up to several months at the least. This is also the reason for why many internet marketers opt out from article marketing too soon – they simply do not have the patience to wait for the results.

Article Directory With Revenue Share – What Is the Deal?

Submitting your articles to an article directory, or even better to a great number of article directories, has become one of the most popular forms of advertising on the internet today. The reason for this is simple – by writing articles about your product or service, or maybe your website or blog – you will build authority and reputation in the eyes of your readers and in the search engines. With so many article writers and marketers out there wanting to publish their articles, it comes as no surprise that the competition among the directories is getting tougher. The latest fling in order to attract more writers to submit their content is a thing called revenue sharing.

In this we will discuss the difference between an article directory that features revenue sharing and one that does not. By tradition, article writers would seek out the highest ranking article directories on the web to submit their work to – hoping to get published and republished by other authors or websites. This is still one of the most proven and effective methods of article marketing, providing great exposure for any articles submitted, and also visibility in search engines. By consistently providing fresh content to high quality directories, writers and marketers continue to build link authority for their work.

Having this said, there are so many article directories available on the internet that it would frankly be impossible for them to compete with directories that have millions of authors and articles registered with them. This does not mean that these smaller directories are poor in any way, it simply means that they can not compete on the same level and that they need a twist, or a unique selling point, if you will. This is where revenue sharing comes in.

So what does revenue sharing mean in regards to submitting articles to directories? Well, when an article directory claims to feature revenue sharing, this simply means that the directory in question will share any advertising revenue with their authors or members. As you probably know, most article directories display some kind of advertisements on their home page, or within the articles that are being submitted. The article directory may earn money when a reader clicks on the ad, or performs some other action such as purchasing the product or service for which the advertisement is for. When the directory share these earnings with contributors in any form, well, then revenue sharing is in fact in place.

The model for sharing revenue with writers may differ substantially from directory to directory, however, usually authors receive a percentage cut from all of the earnings generated. Most of the times these percentages vary from 30%-50%, but there are some article directories that credit a full 100% revenue share to their members. Needless to say, such directories will have other means of earning money for maintaining the directory and staying in profit.

So which is the best? Submitting articles to the traditional high quality article directories – or the ones that feature revenue sharing? Well, in my opinion, these two options does not necessarily have to exclude each other. While the quality directories will give writers the link authority that they are looking for in the longterm, the revenue sharing directories may instead provide a momentary boost of traffic – and possibly some quick cash. Due to the recent popularity gained by article directories, and article marketing in general, my recommendation is to submit your content to any established directory you may find. After all, plenty of links displaying your product, service, website or blog in a nice way can never be wrong.

Article Directory Is More Than Article Library

Did you know that you can have your own article directory for free? I bet a lot of people know about it, but do you know how Article Directory can be a multiple source of income for you?

I once ran a few article directories. I didn’t know how much time it needed to be spent on maintaining them and I did not have a long term plan for these article directories.

So, I ditched them.

From this experience, I know that running one article directory is enough to take a lot of your time (unless you hire someone to approve the articles on your website).

The lesson is – if you want to build a business based on article directory approach, have one running smoothly before you consider building another article directory.

OK, now, once you get the article directory running, what should you do to monetize it?

There are a few ways to monetize article directory.

The more popular ones are selling ad space, putting up AdSense codes and selling products on the website.

However, I want to touch on one important way to monetize from this article directory website.

I call it “article directory mailing list gold”.

You heard people say that the money is in the list, and here is how you’ll get thousands of people in your list in a matter of weeks.

I’ve not seen anyone mention about it yet but you can make full use of the list of authors who submit their articles to your article directory to promote your product or affiliate program.

However, building a mailing list at a warp speed through article directory has a trick.

You can promote your article directory on your own but unless you do it in a bog way, you’ll never be able to build a huge article directory or mailing list.

Here’s what you can do.

1. After you built your article directory site, find a few article submission services to accept articles on autopilot. An example of these services are and

2. Contact them or find instructions on their websites on how you can accept the articles published on their websites by installing a few codes.

3. Install these codes on your article directory site and get ready to receive thousands of articles together with thousands of emails of the authors from these article submission services.

That’s it.

Not only you will receive articles that will populate your article directory in no time, you will get a mailing list that you can promote anything to them.

I normally send out promotions on products related to writing articles or software that will help authors get more exposure through their articles. And that works well because these products are targeted to these groups of people.

You can also build an article directory that focuses on a small niche and promote products that this group are looking for.

What Makes For a Great Article Directory?

Article directories are the in thing these days. Everywhere you turn to online, you’ll find that there are advocates for submitting you articles online to as many article directories as possible as it will help boost their website rankings on the search engines. While this is true to some extent, what many people do not know is that it can also hurt their search engine rankings badly if they were to submit their articles to article directories that aren’t good enough or unsatisfactory in delivering results. This is why it is best to try and see what makes a great article directory.

There are many things you have to look out for when researching online for a great article directory. But before all that, what is a great article directory like? A ‘great” article directory is an article directory that will not only improve the number of traffic you get to your websites, it is a directory that is capable of getting you higher search engines rather than hurting them. Now that it is spelled out, you need to know what to look for when thinking of using article directories. There are five features that make an article directory great…

A great article directory exposes the writers work to a large viewing audience. If all other factors are perfect -catchy headline, submission to the right category, and keyword rich- then a good article directory will contribute to enhancing the exposure of your works to the whole world who are looking for exactly what you have to say and what you may have to offer. That way, you are sure that your articles would attract a lot o readership.

Another important factor that makes a great article directory is the amount of traffic it can drive to your website. This is usually as a result of the exposure you get. If you therefore have a resource -which in most cases is/are your website address(es)- you can include them in your authors byline, also known as the author’s bio. On viewing your article, many are likely to click through the link to visit your website.

The third feature that makes for a great article directory is its high PR (Page Rank). Any article directory worth its salt must have a page rank of at least 3. A page rank Google’s way of determining a website’s relevance in the search engines and the amount of traffic it is able to attract to itself.

Great article directories have the ability to increase your website traffic tremendously particularly when used properly. With just one single, timely, well written article, you could literally have thousands hitting your website in just a few days. This is possible by means of the author’s byline that the article directory will provide you with.

Thus, if you are looking for a great article directory to submit your articles to, you must look out for all these features. If they are missing or lacking, it would be a perfect idea to move your searchlight some place else.

How to Determine If an Article Directory is Worth Submitting To

any time they so desire. Therefore, it is one of the most important sources of information on the web. These days, we have seen a huge proliferation of these article directories and it is looking like every Tom, Dick and Harry can just put them up and start providing high quality content. Thus, it really hard for a newbie to come online and know what article directories to choose for article submission. This in effect, has caused so much frustration and disappointment for all those who thought all they needed to do was just look for any article directory, submit their articles and voila, the article appears on the web driving tons of traffic to their websites or blogs.

This is why it is important that we look into what determines if an article directory is worth the time spent on submitting to it. Because articles take a lot of time to get submitted -even with the use of autosubmitters or article submitters- it is best that anyone who values their time, only look for the best. The truth of the matter is the best article directories with all the necessary features are few and far between. So, you’d have to really look before choosing. Since time is of essence, I am sure that you would need guidelines that will show you what to look out for in article directories. There are various things to look out for in an article directory that you intend to use for your article submission.

The first on the list is the niche of the article directory. Like it or not, there are many article directories tailored to a specific field, niche or industry. It would not make sense to submit an article on archery to a real estate specific article directory. So, it would be best to note and look for the directories that may not necessarily be nichified. Most article directories have a broad range of categories. Start with such and then narrow down to the niche ones.

The second thing to look out for is the kind of participation. There are some article directories with just a few authors and visitors. You do not want to waste your time submitting to these websites unless they are targeted to a particular niche.

Look at the number of authors listed in the directory. This is really important as a significant number of authors would most likely increase the quantity of visitors to the article directory. These authors should have at least one article to their names. If there are a significant number of authors without published articles, don’t bother with the directory.

Finally, it would be important to state that the Page Rank (PR) of the article directory be noted. I personally recommend that if the PR is less than 3, go some place else as this means there isn’t sufficient activity on the website to warrant your attention.

How To Setup Your Own Article Directory And Get Flooded With Sales, Leads & Commissions!

Its hardly a secret anymore. Creating articles and submitting them to article directories is now recognised as efficient, main stream marketing.

Thousands of smart marketers actively seek out directories and submit to them daily as part of their marketing plan. Flip open any generic internet marketing book and you’ll see entire chapters on promoting via article submissions. In fact entire eBooks, courses and software have been developed to help harness the power of article marketing.

Now here’s the interesting thing. Everyone who uses articles hungrily seeks out new article directories to submit to. Most internet marketing sites have a list of directories on their site to help their users identify available article directories.

Imagine- thousands of people searching for article directories. Countless more searching for content to populate their websites with. Yet the number of article directories online remains relatively small. Right now is the ideal time to set up an article directory for yourself.

Here are just a few ways that this can benefit your business:

* Literally tens of thousands of influential site owners are looking for valuable content that they can use for their sites. It’s gold-dust to them. Similarly, several thousands of marketers, authors, resellers and affiliates are hungrily looking for article directories to submit to. Both are desperate to find, use and return to your article directory…again and again (and again)!

* Your directory site could have AdSense and other affiliate ads and create a nice hands off residual income.

* You can capture the prospects as leads(eg. Contributers need to register before posting articles) to build your list.

* You can create special highly targeted niche article directories. You could put up highly targeted big-ticket affiliate products that can increase your commission checks significantly. If you already have an in-house product you can promote it directly on your directory to prospects that you know will be interested in the offer.

* You could even create and sell directories as a business in itself. When you have the correct script it’s very simple to do, yet one simple directory can fetch hundreds of dollars when sold to a small business or entrepreneur who may not want to learn to do it themselves.

If you think that setting up your own article directory involves extreme expense in hiring a programmer or special technical skills to do it yourself, you may be pleasantly surprised. You can use point and click software to get your directory up and running in just minutes.

Now we’ll look at the art of marketing the article directories that you create. The good thing is that because directories are in such demand this should not be particularly difficult. Here are just some of the ways you can publicise your directory:

* Participate in relevant forums and leave your article directory details in your signature. This is also a great way of getting exposure for your main business too.

* Contact influential personalities in your niche and inform them that you have a new article directory that they (and their prospects) may find interesting.

* Find “article directory directories” and submit to these – they will give you exposure to thousands of people who are searching for specific directories.

* Use your own traffic resources – let your list/blog/forum know that you have a new directory.

* You should already know that building a successful business online means cultivating relationships online. Hopefully you will have built up a select few JV partners who you are on exceptionally good terms with. Ask them to post a few articles to get your directory going.

One thing is clear- using article submissions as a marketing tactic is a long term trend that will be around long into the future. So is using contents of articles to populate website. Everyone wants to be where the traffic is – that’s exactly why the next big trend that the gurus will tout as a marketing gem is article directory ownership – and they would be dead right.

There are huge gains to be made by establishing your directory now long before anyone finds out what a gold mine they represent.